For over 40 years we have supported businesses and public administrations with advisory services, to create the conditions to maximize development opportunities.

Our positioning

Iniziativa acts as a partner for development thanks to an exclusive mix of services that can be provided in an integrated way which, thanks to the significant expertise gained, allow it to support the expansion processes of companies by strategically merging services aimed at supporting growth through external lines (through mergers and acquisitions) and internally (innovation, growth of production capacity, development of the organization and internal processes, compliance).

In a context in which consultancy is increasingly mass-produced, Iniziativa stands out for its selective approach of in-depth support, aimed at offering personalized solutions and real added value with respect to the specific problems and peculiar development paths of clients. Experience, competence, innovation, reliability, passion and creativity are the key words through which we express our way of consulting: not the greatest but still unique for our clients.

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The beginnings
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It was founded at the end of the 70s with offices in Naples, Milan and Vicenza with a specialization in extraordinary finance and public benefits.
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In the mid-80s it became a "group" with the minority participation of Banca Agricola Mantovana and new offices in Perugia, Turin and Bari.
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In 2001, with offices in Naples, Milan and Bari, approximately 50 employees, 500 customers (including 12 listed companies and 11 multinationals), Iniziativa was acquired by Ernst & Young.
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In 2005, the current management team implemented an MBO. Iniziativa becomes independent again, strengthened in its know-how and relational network by its experience at EY.
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In 2011, at the end of a period of territorial non-competition, Iniziativa inaugurated its headquarters in the capital with the aim of strengthening its presence in central Italy and extending the range of services offered to a wider clientele.
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In 2015, Iniziativa began a national expansion with the opening of offices in Turin and Milan, aiming to consolidate its presence in high-level entrepreneurial contexts and thus contributing to its overall development.
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In 2016, Iniziativa embarked on a path of international expansion by inaugurating an office in Brussels. This decision aims to consolidate the company's presence in the vicinity of European institutions, in order to offer an even more targeted and valuable service to its customers.
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Iniziativa currently stands out as a development partner by offering an integrated mix of services that support the sustainable development of organizations.

Development consultants

Our culture

We support clients in a personalized way in their specific growth path and offer concrete answers to their problems by interpreting consultancy in an entrepreneurial way: that is, sharing risks with clients and establishing long-term relationships of trust with them. We place the customer at the center of our approach by developing specific solutions that satisfy his real needs and respond to the particular situations he has to face. We offer concrete answers to development problems, even in situations of rationing or scarcity of resources, not limiting ourselves to advising from the outside but entering into the processes, in order to offer tailor-made consultancy that maximizes value for customers.
We place ethics and passion at the center of our approach, interpreting consultancy not as a "spot" path but by establishing a long-term relationship of trust with customers. We select the best professionals, we learn from the many experiences gained in supporting businesses and public administrations, we constantly compare ourselves with the advancements of managerial techniques, so as to continue to propose effective solutions enriched by the know-how gained in over 40 years of activity. We are ready to listen and act by making the client's problems our own, not wanting to be a simple provider of professional services but accrediting ourselves as a development partner, making our knowledge and our relational networks available in order to add value to consultancy services .

Our team of experts

A cohesive team of professionals with a significant wealth of experience, a high level of seniority and a successful track record that ensures our clients value-added consultancy in all the areas in which we operate.

€2.1 billion Production investments supported | €500 million Investments in Research & Innovation subsidized | 200 active customers constantly supported to make their development paths concrete | 125 Project Financing/PPP operations supported | €2.1 billion Production investments supported | €500 million Investments in Research & Innovation subsidized | 200 active customers constantly supported to make their development paths concrete | 125 Project Financing/PPP operations supported |  

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