Aided Finance

We consider the aided finance as a lever to accelerate the business development dynamics and support enterprises in the identifying and obtaining the most appropriate grants to support their development programs.

Thanks to the experience and advanced expertise held, we use a strategic financial approach in the design phase of projects in order to minimize the dopant effects of grants and limit the negative side effects.

In the interests of long-term relationships with customers, we always evaluate the real situation of the company and its concrete growth opportunities through the development of the granted program, putting on the first place, therefore, its sustainability and the specific access conditions for the maximization of grant amount in order to avoid that the same grant becomes the dead weight rather than the propellant of the enterprise growth.

We share the risks with the client, linking our fees on the success of the operation. We make sure that the customer is able to effectively access to the grant obtained, supporting her/him since the program initiation up to the phase of the balance settlement, passing through all the intermediate stages of this process.

We provide the customer with the experience and relationship network consolidated in more than 30 years of management of granted programs in order to help choosing the most appropriate instrument and proactively manage all phases of the process of access and obtaining of the concession.

The most appropriate response to development projects, finance at the service of the company's strategic lines
Giuseppe Principe / Founder e partner


We support enterprises in the identification of R&I programs also stimulating the development of ideas for product and process innovation through brainstorming with the top management and the company's engineers.

We contribute to the selection of technology solutions that can address the specific technical issues of the program.

We support enterprises in the search and selection of technology partners – academic and otherwise - that can support program implementation.

We optimize the program to the specific enterprise’s needs, to the industrial expected impact and to the specific parameters of the used instrument.

We support the company in the grant management, supporting complex administrative processes required to access it.

We manage - in outsourcing when necessary - project management phases of the program which often are of critical importance in the success of the initiatives.

We support the enterprise in the development of strategic and operational planning aimed at maximizing the economic benefits of the program.