Business Advisory

The current competitive environment emphasizes the performance levels that private and public organizations have to achieve and the efficiency with which these are made.

Competitiveness, therefore, is closely linked:

to proactively manage cost optimization, financial resources and internal processes through the appropriate use of IT tools and simulation;

to opening to technological innovations, even incremental one as a consequence of technology transfer processes, that can generate processes of continuous performance improvement that maintain in a more lasting way the conditions of competitiveness of their business;

to the careful assessment of the impact of business, development and investment decisions and the ability to develop alternative strategies and action plans that allow companies to respond systematically and proactively to the changes of scenarios and context conditions;

Building on its thirty years of experience, the business advisory area of INIZIATIVA supports organizations with a range of services, among them modular and in outsourcing logic, designed to enable the management of some the most critical areas for performance improvement.
Impact assessment of business choices and performance measurement systems to enhance the economic potential of the company
Melina Nappi / Manager

Financial management and treasury

The budgeting and financial control service is designed to optimize the cash withdrawal of business activities, improve financing methods, facilitate access to credit at the right price and prevent short-term and medium-term financial tensions.

INIZIATIVA supports her customers in the short-term financial budgeting activity aimed at the development of cash and treasury plans and monitoring them with the aim of predicting situations and risks of financial stress and making appropriate corrective actions.

We have developed a solid know-how and created analysis tools that enable us to provide our customers with a high added value service.

The proposed service also has an important benefit in terms of the capability to optimize the corporate rating in Basel II perspective, mainly because of the guaranteed capability to improve the management of the company's performance.