Corporate Finance

We support companies in decisions and strategic initiatives aimed at carrying out extraordinary finance operations for external development, corporate valorisation and extraordinary financing of development programmes. Through a large relational network and in-depth knowledge of the market, we act as advisors in the main areas of structured finance operations.

Corporate Finance

M&A Advisory

We deal, also thanks to the significant track record gained and the widespread presence of the market, in generating, evaluating and managing mergers and acquisition operations, both on the sell side and the buy side. We act as M&A advisor and financial advisor and take care of facilitating matchmaking, defining the structure and optimal conditions of the deal, coordinating all phases of the process with particular reference to financial activities. We support the structuring of corporate venture operations for the integration of technological start-ups and SMEs with high innovative potential into more consolidated entities

Private equity

We offer support for the identification of institutional investors and the development and formalization of industrial development projects to maximize success in Private Equity operations. The consolidated relationship with some of the main funds operating in the national territory allows us to identify and always propose the right partner for business needs.

Debt Arrangement

We support companies in managing debt capital raising operations to support investment programs and development projects, with a wide range of possible operations.
With reference to debt financial instruments, we provide consultancy for the issuance of instruments such as Minibonds, identifying the most suitable solution and guiding the client through the entire process.

Capital Market/IPO

For companies considering listing on regulated and non-regulated markets, we offer assistance aimed at managing the operation with the maximum benefit for the company, from the preliminary study of the operation, to the selection of the other advisors involved in the operation, managing and coordinating the entire process until the quotation is finalized.

Venture Capital

We support start-ups and technological SMEs with high innovative potential in finding financial resources and in investment rounds by private or institutional investors, in particular we follow new initiatives from the early-stage phase with a significant focus on realizing the potential at scale up also through the valorisation of our significant network with industrial operators.
In addition to fundraising (with operations with Venture capital funds, Business angels, club deals and crowdfunding), we manage financial and strategic advisory and support services for subsidized finance operations capable of accelerating growth.

debt restructuring

We support companies in developing a balanced financial structure and a coherent debt policy. In crisis situations, we engage in Debt Restructuring, from diagnosis to management of liquidity crises to negotiation with the banking system to post-restructuring monitoring.


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