Corporate Finance

Thanks to an extensive relationship network with market players (networking with 40 M&A Advisors) and major financial institutions, to deep knowledge of M&A market and broad understanding of the business dynamics, INIZIATIVA operates as an advisor in corporate finance operations supporting the entrepreneur, the top management and finance department in funding decisions for the development of the enterprise.

Rapid and professional interventions both for finding new sources of third-party capital for development and for business continuity in situations of high financial tension
Marco Messina / Associate

Debt Restructuring

We provide comprehensive assistance in Corporate Restructuring processes for businesses which highlight crisis situations, including through the use of laws aimed at their resolution like debt consolidation plans (pursuant to Article 67 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law), the restructuring of the debt plans (pursuant to Article 182 bis of the Italian Bankruptcy Law), the arrangements with creditors (pursuant to Article 186 bis and Article 160 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law). In particular, we support the whole definition of available choices and solutions to overcome the difficult situation, helping the management and ownership in the following stages:

• Diagnosis and monitoring of an underperforming activity: analysis of the financial position of the activity, its market , its prospects in order to understand the nature and extent of the difficulties and the risks of “financial screwing”, also prospective.

• Independent review of the financial situation: as part of negotiation operations with banks, the development of an Independent Business Review, which is an independent and complete diagnosis of the historical and projected financial situation, allows to understand the causes of the crisis and lay the ground for a renegotiation of the financing terms. In pre - crisis or no overt crisis situations, this activity is useful to the management and the ownership of a potentially troubled company for searching possible solutions and make decisions in unclear and quickly changing crisis contexts.

• Assistance in the management of the liquidity crisis and negotiating with banks: with ad hoc support in the managing of the delicate phases of a financial crisis that is moving towards a liquidity crisis through the provision of short-term finance monitoring systems, for example “Short Term Cash Flow” and the periodic rebuilding of cash margins (financial headroom). Afterwards, it will be prepared the Business Plan and the maneuver to be proposed to the lending banks for the debt restructuring.

• Post-financial restructuring monitoring: mandated by the lending banks or on the initiative of the management, it will be carried out an activity of regular monitoring of the main business and financial indicators in order to give comfort to the management and creditors about the possibility of achievement of financial and profitability targets of the Business Plan or in order to put in place timely recovery plan. The activity is expressed in a periodic report, monthly or quarterly, that supports the company's stakeholders in understanding if the financial economic performance is in line with the Business Plan agreed in the renegotiation phase.

• Other activities:
• Temporary management;
• Formulation, negotiation and management of rescheduling plans with suppliers;
• Management of any tax and social security issues;
• Outsourcing of administrative, finance and control functions of the company;
• Asseveration of business & financial plan and independent reviews of specific items.