Corporate Finance

Thanks to an extensive relationship network with market players (networking with 40 M&A Advisors) and major financial institutions, to deep knowledge of M&A market and broad understanding of the business dynamics, INIZIATIVA operates as an advisor in corporate finance operations supporting the entrepreneur, the top management and finance department in funding decisions for the development of the enterprise.

A combination of qualified capital and managerial contribution to nurture and promote development plans, new strategies and growth processes through internal and external routes
Marco Messina / Partner

Private Equity

The use of specialist operators in the financial support intended to value creation, is an option that allows enterprises to raise “patient” capital, that can be used to support development plans, new strategies, corporate acquisitions, generational shift or others critical processes of their life cycle. Therefore, the role that the investment in risk capital has in a modern financial system is important for multiple reasons.

In particular, this capital can be used by the company to develop new products and new technologies, to expand working capital, to finance acquisitions, or to strengthen its financial structure. Private equity can also be used to solve problems associated with the ownership of a business or the generational shift. Moreover, it is the preferred solution for the realization of a buy-out/buy in transaction, carried out by experienced managers.

INIZIATIVA supports enterprises:
• to identify the institutional investor that is able to ensure, with appropriate sectorial track record, a homogeneous and lasting corporate development;
• in the development of all stages of the technical-financial and contractual negotiations, coordinating and cooperating with auditors and legal and tax advisors at all stages of the investor's input process in order to maximize the strategic, operational and financial transaction’s return.