The deep knowledge of the development processes of enterprises and territories and financial issues together with a significant expertise in the management of administrative procedures related to the programming cycle, implementation and reporting of operations and programs financed by public funds, especially those of the European Commission, allow us to act as a value-added partner for Public Administrations wanting to put in place development strategies and improve regional attractiveness conditions.

Starting over 15 years ago with the mere transposition of typical corporate world methodologies and approaches to the Public Administration, today INIZIATIVA applies a unique approach to the cycle of assumptions, implementation and control of public decisions aligned to the most modern standards of the Public Government.
Support the growth of effectiveness and efficiency of public sector services and investments
Ivo Allegro / Founder e Partner

Project financing & PPP

In an era where public resources are inadequate and the redefinition of the limits of public intervention is increasingly urgent, the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and the project financing, are important operational levers that can generate significant value for the public sector and the private partners.

Despite the undisputed attractiveness of the PPP, the experience of recent years shows that the instrument is delicate and requires specific skills to prevent errors from both sides: public and private operators.

In this context, INIZIATIVA, thanks to its experience of over 15 years and the structuring of more than 40 operations, is able to offer specific support for public administrations and private operators interested in using the PPP tools.

For private operators, INIZIATIVA:
• provides scouting of interesting operations on the market, given the specific customer profile;
• verifies the feasibility of the initiatives and realizes the feasibility study;
• draws up the financial plan and supports its asseveration;
• assists in dealing with banks and other institutional lenders;
• supports the development of tender documents by the proposer;
• acts as a filter between local authorities and proposers;
• supports companies in finding financial and management partners.

For public administrations, INIZIATIVA:
• develops ex-ante feasibility studies and financial economic evaluations in order to define the most suitable methods of implementation and subsequent management through the PPP, balancing the maximization of social welfare needs of the Public Administration with those of the private profit maximization;
• supports the project definition in order to make it attractive for the private market and bankable;
• implements the risk matrix together with the technicians in charge and legal advisors;
• evaluates the value for money of the operation implementation through PPP;
• supports the Administration in the development and launch of the procurement procedure, assisting the entity:
- in the management of economic and financial aspects of the procedure;
- in the coordination of different skills needed for the development of technical, financial and legal documents;
- in the definition and launch of the procurement procedure stages;
- during the bid evaluation stage, in order to identify the most advantageous offer from the economic and social welfare point of view.