The deep knowledge of the development processes of enterprises and territories and financial issues together with a significant expertise in the management of administrative procedures related to the programming cycle, implementation and reporting of operations and programs financed by public funds, especially those of the European Commission, allow us to act as a value-added partner for Public Administrations wanting to put in place development strategies and improve regional attractiveness conditions.

Starting over 15 years ago with the mere transposition of typical corporate world methodologies and approaches to the Public Administration, today INIZIATIVA applies a unique approach to the cycle of assumptions, implementation and control of public decisions aligned to the most modern standards of the Public Government.
Support the growth of effectiveness and efficiency of public sector services and investments
Ivo Allegro / Founder e Partner

Strategic and Subsidiaries control

With a significant experience in the structuring of the performance control systems in the corporate world and a deep understanding of the administrative processes of public entities, INIZIATIVA supports local authorities in the structuring of strategic control systems and control systems of subsidiaries.

The control system developed has not only the purpose of ensuring compliance with respect to regulatory obligations but constitute a real asset management that can improve the performance of local entities.

In particular, in terms of strategic control, INIZIATIVA supports the public administration to implement and maintain appropriate monitoring tool aimed at:

• verify, through the management control, the effectiveness, efficiency and cost of the administrative action;

• evaluate the appropriateness of the choices made in the implementation of plans, programs and other policy instruments, in terms of congruence between the results obtained and the predefined objectives;

• ensure constant monitoring of the financial situation;

• monitor the quality of provided services;

• assess socio-economic impact of the actions undertaken on the communities administered through the construction of social and environmental balance.

With regard to the control of subsidiaries, INIZIATIVA supports the Administration in the implementation and management of monitoring tools for the control of:

• the financial relationship between the entity and the company

• the company accounts , management and organization

• service contracts

• service quality

• the respect of the public finance constraints

INIZIATIVA also supports the Administration in the realization of the consolidated financial statements, according to the principle of "accrual basis", which exhibits the overall results of the entity’s management and not-listed subsidiaries.