The deep knowledge of the development processes of enterprises and territories and financial issues together with a significant expertise in the management of administrative procedures related to the programming cycle, implementation and reporting of operations and programs financed by public funds, especially those of the European Commission, allow us to act as a value-added partner for Public Administrations wanting to put in place development strategies and improve regional attractiveness conditions.

Starting over 15 years ago with the mere transposition of typical corporate world methodologies and approaches to the Public Administration, today INIZIATIVA applies a unique approach to the cycle of assumptions, implementation and control of public decisions aligned to the most modern standards of the Public Government.
Support the growth of effectiveness and efficiency of public sector services and investments
Ivo Allegro / Founder e Partner

Technical Assistance

INIZIATIVA is able to provide solutions, methodologies and know-how to Public Administrations for design, management, monitoring and control of programs and regional development projects co-financed by EU funds thanks to her relevant expertise in the management of administrative processes regarding the management of EU resources and the deep knowledge of the development processes of enterprises and territories.

In the offering of technical assistance services, INIZIATIVA has exclusive strengths because of the merging in a small team of complementary competences in:

• Corporate finance;

• Public Private Partnership and realization of tangible and intangible infrastructure;

• use of EU resources;

• administrative processes of P.A

With this unique mix, INIZIATIVA is able to differentiate itself strongly on results and quality of interventions from competitors providing technical assistance services:

• for the implementation of the Operational Programmes by the Managing Authority;

• for the implementation of the Operational Programs in the areas of monitoring, the Independent Evaluation and the second level control;

• for Intermediate and Final beneficiaries in the development of the operations co-financed by the Operational Programs;

• for the structuring and management of EC initiative programs and funding programs directly managed by the European Commission;

• for transnational decentralized cooperation projects.