Green Light for the launch of the pilot initiative: “Pledge Fund” Investment Model Be.CULTOUR

Iniziativa Cube S.r.l. is pleased to announce the launch of the pilot initiative for the “Pledge Fund” investment model within Be.CULTOUR. This initiative is part of the European project Be.CULTOUR (GA 101004627), coordinated by the Institute of Cultural Heritage Sciences of the National Research Council (Cnr-Ispc), which has been funded by the European Commission. The project aims to promote a circular and human-centered tourism approach, enhancing cultural and landscape heritage. Iniziativa Cube is one of the Italian partners in this project.

Within the Be.CULTOUR European project, Iniziativa Cube has developed an investment model called the “Pledge Fund.” While not strictly a Pledge Fund in the traditional sense, it draws inspiration from some of its characteristic elements, such as the central role of the management team and the investors’ decision-making autonomy, albeit simplified as it is a pilot initiative.

The configuration of this investment model is similar to that of a Club Deal, with the difference being that in true Club Deals, potential investors themselves select and examine investment opportunities. In Pledge Funds, these activities are entrusted to a team of specialists, known as the management team, responsible for identifying investment opportunities based on specific parameters and presenting them to pre-selected investors, who then evaluate and decide whether to invest in them.

Unlike a private equity fund, in a Pledge Fund, the managers cannot rely on an irrevocable commitment from subscribers to invest, nor do they have substantial autonomy in allocating fund resources. Investors in a Pledge Fund are free to decide whether or not to participate in a specific investment operation.

The overall goal of the Be.CULTOUR “Pledge Fund” is to support investments in innovative start-ups and socially oriented start-ups located in Italy. These investments will focus on circular programs in the tourism, cultural, creative, and cultural heritage sectors, which aim to enhance the territory and create an impact on the local community. The initiatives should be aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda and pay particular attention to the valorization of rural areas, urban regeneration, and sustainable cultural tourism, actively contributing to the renewal of the tourism ecosystem and the enhancement of cultural heritage.

Both professional and legal entities, as well as individuals or groups of people, interested in participating in the investment initiative, can join the “Pledge Fund.” The initiative is open to investors from different countries and not only from Italy. The contributions of participating investors to individual initiatives can be made in the form of equity or as in-kind contributions, such as services, availability of tangible and intangible assets, know-how, etc., thus enhancing the local innovation ecosystem.

Finally, the selected initiatives will have the opportunity to benefit from a package of targeted services for free to support investment maturity. These services may include revisiting the business model, updating the financial plan, supporting business development, providing assistance in organizational management, and much more. The management team will also identify additional funding opportunities, such as national and European Union grants, and other available financing resources, based on specific financial needs to support the development and scale-up of the involved start-ups.

To participate in the Be.CULTOUR “Pledge Fund” initiative, interested innovative start-ups and socially oriented start-ups can submit their pitch and a brief video by consulting the announcement documentation.

Investors interested in participating in the investment model can express their interest after reviewing the “Pledge Fund” regulations at the following link:

For further questions, additional information, or assistance regarding the Be.CULTOUR “Pledge Fund” and its details, interested parties are invited to contact our dedicated team at

Be.CULTOUR “Pledge Fund” Documents:

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